Export car with Dutch license plate

Export declaration Sneltrade is an RDW-approved car company and official partner of VWE, which means that we can and may handle all procedures with the RDW for you. The most important document you need to have for the export of your car is a so-called export declaration. The export declaration is proof that your car has been officially registered for export in the Dutch vehicle registration register.

In order to assist you, you must be able to provide the following:

Original Dutch license plates
Vehicle mileage
Registration papers or registration card with registration codes (if the vehicle is in stock, a Temporary Document Number is also sufficient); Valid proof of identity and address details in the country of destination We then arrange everything with the RDW regarding the export of your purchased car. After completing the procedure with the RDW, you will receive the export declaration, the export registration certificate and associated export license plates from us if you also insure the car. With this export registration certificate and plates you can then drive around the Netherlands for another 14 days. This period is intended to allow the export of your car to actually take place, i.e. to transport the car abroad. Please use this period for this purpose, because there are heavy fines for driving in the Netherlands for more than 14 days with export license plates. Your car must also be insured for that period. There are special insurance policies for this, which Sneltrade can help you with

If you would like to use our service, you can make an appointment on 0031(0)6-54921945
Our export office is located at Houtwijk 46 8251GD Dronten